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Al-Jazeera and Nasser: the limits of the “battle” between Morocco and Qatar




By Ahmed Jalali

Social media platforms ignited a wide campaign of solidarity with Moroccan journalist Abdel Samad Nasser after Al-Jazeera dismissed him and terminated the contract that binds them together.


The oil poured on the wood of the descent is not because a Moroccan citizen lost his job in a prestigious channel, but because Al Jazeera, as it was circulated, expelled Nasser because he refused to delete a post on "Twitter" in which he defended the honor of the women of his homeland in the face of a distasteful slander that was blighted by an Algerian media in a crude and aggressive manner.


It is noteworthy that those concerned, namely Nasser and Al-Jazeera, are still silent and did not take the initiative to issue an explanatory statement that clarifies doubt with certainty. This reluctance to clarify is what further widens the scope of accusation and interpretation, to the point of calling for the severance of relations between the two countries.


The past of tension between Morocco and Qatar, which led to the closure of Al Jazeera's office in Rabat, is well known, and it is no secret the recovery experienced by the relations of the two countries in recent years, which culminated in the World Cup, and the support and encouragement given by the Emir of Qatar to the Moroccan national team, honoring its members and caring for its fans.


Hey, angry people, we, like you, do not accept the slander of the Algerian media against our symbols or the honor of our women, and we feel oppressed from a professional and humanitarian point of view at least in the face of the expulsion of a colleague of ours at the height of his maturity.


We all have the right to be angry and support Nasser, and we have the right to stand firm in defense of the cause for which Abdul Samad stood firm. This is so clear and natural, but minimal prudence and maximum enforcement of wisdom are highly required.




It is not enemies and adversaries that we lack to destroy the relationship with a rich, powerful and influential brotherly country on the international stage, the dynamic of upgrading between Doha and Qatar must be maintained in all circumstances.


Al-Jazeera is administratively dissolved under the Al-Jazeera network, and the director of "Al-Jazeera" has his powers, including hiring or firing employees. Why was Nasser discharged? This should be dealt with as a separate topic.


We should not exaggerate  in our expectation from the Moroccan state in this regard, because if institutions/companies are beings with reason and do not have emotions at all, then states are entities believe  only in interests and there is no weight in their equations for persons, no matter how they look Important for the public.


However, the fact that we rely on this thinking it does not, in any way, mean an invitation to swallow insults. No, it is only a call to accept the lesser damage and avoid disappointments from the magnitude of what solidarity campaigns may achieve in relation to the ceiling of what they demand and advocate.


All hypotheses are available but not all of them will see light for sure. The the state as a pragmatic mind would not go along with Nasser's victorious calls by returning the slap to Qatar. Rather, we predict that the official silence on what happened to Nasser is the most likely to be an answer.


Worse, Nasser's case may be buried in silence at first, and then his story will be forgotten gradually.


The best of what we can demand the Moroccan officials to do  is to rehabilitate Nasser to help him overcome his ordeal professionally and psychologically. The soul of the media person is just like the artist s : transparent and very sensitive.


It has been shown through Nasser's case that the depth of the issue is defending the honor of a nation and his women. This is what we suggest for a real and effective revenge to preserve the honor of Moroccan women, men and national symbols:


-Fighting against political, economic, financial and judicial corruption internally is the cause of the evils that forced millions of citizens to emigrate forcibly for a crumb of bread dipped in the broth of oppression, humiliation and exploitation.


-Enforcing law respect by all means that do not take into account position or lineage of anybody, and establishing this culture in primary schools as a beginning to instill this good seed in the minds.


-Providing an opportunity for Moroccan competencies abroad to come back home for the development of the country with their expertise, and before that sweeping away the human and bureaucratic obstacles that force them to forget to return to Morocco.


-Cleaning all institutions of algae and human decay factors lurking deep inside them to unleash real energies so that real change can be calmly launched from within.


-Lifting the heavy hand of power over the media field and letting its people do what the officials have failed to achieve a real, strong and sweeping media industry that defends Morocco's higher interests in a rational and highly professional manner.


-Issuing a general amnesty on “Eid al-Adha” for detainees of social movements, opinion and expression, under the slogan "Morocco is always forgiving and merciful".

-Thus, Morocco will not only achieve internal reconciliation that will strengthen the internal front in a solid row, but will also block the way for enemies wherever they might be hidden.